Whole Earth Foods

In October 1966, I moved to England from the States and opened Seed, a macrobiotic restaurant in Paddington with my brother Greg Sams in 1968. We then opened a specialised macrobiotic natural food shop, Ceres Grain Shop, the following year. Along with our father Ken we edited and published ‘Seed, the Journal of Organic Living’ 1971-1977.[3] In 1970 we set up Harmony Foods, which eventually became known as Whole Earth Foods. In 1972 we set up Ceres Bakery, the first bakery in Britain to produce breads that were sourdough, naturally leavened and patisserie made without added sugar.

Green & Black’s

I am proud to have founded, with my wife Josephine Fairley, this excellent brand which embodies some of the finest chocolate products ever made. Maya Gold, which I created to underpin a developmental relationship with the cacao-growing Maya of southern Belize, was the first product to carry the Fairtrade Mark and remains an idealised model of how it is possible to have mutually beneficial relationships between developing world producers and developed world processors.

The whole story is in Sweet Dreams – The Story of Green & Black’s by Craig Sams and Josephine Fairley. Click on the cover to purchase.

Sweet Dreams - Green & Black's story



My son Karim markets Gusto, a superb range of energy drinks, based on organic guarana and botanicals.

Judges Bakery

For some years my wife and I owned Judges Bakery, transforming a local bakers close to our home in Hastings into an award winning, flourishing organic store. You can read more about it in this piece in the Guardian.