Ever since I got ill with hepatitis  while travelling in India and Afghanistan in the 1960s I have prioritised my health with a macrobiotic organic diet, natural medicine and regular exercise (walking and pilates).

My wife and I opened the Wellington Square Natural Health Centre in Hastings and, as I suffer from a hernia, I also have an interest in surgery-free management of hernias.

One thought on “Health

  1. Hi Craig,
    Big thanks to you for publishing the hernia bible. I was diagnosed with direct inguinal hernia in Oct 2015.
    Following close on your plan, i am now cured in only 4 months. To go from severe pain to being as fit and active as I was 10 years ago is amazing. I was helped by regular visits to A Stott Pilates practitioner (Kate Searchfield) and to an Osteopath (Kay Atkinson). I work as a heavy engineer, but studied biology at university. I too had wanted to consider a natural cure, when i came across your work and could see I didn’t need to re-invent the wheel. I could further say My life has been improved by the diet, fitness and experiences with those helping me. Rich


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