The macrobiotic diet has stood me in good stead since 1965 and enabled me to avoid needing to see a doctor or to take any prescription drugs. There are lots of interpretations and ultimately each person discovers what works best for them, but there is a lot of experience out there which helps in that journey. Plato and Hippocrates initiated the ideas, Roger Bacon and Cornaro took it up in the Renaissance and Christopher Hufeland’s 1797 book ‘Makrobiotik’ kickstarted the healthy eating movement of the past 2 centuries that included Sylvester Graham, W.H. Kellogg and Gayelord Hauser. Ohsawa’s ‘Zen Macrobiotics’ drew on these ancient sources, then melded it with Buddhist vegetarianism and provided a modern and holistic approach to diet and longevity that has enhanced the lives of millions.

You can find my personal macrobiotic odyssey on Jamie and Kasia Trevena’s macrobiotic website.

If you really want to immerse yourself in delicious macrobiotic food without the hassle of getting together the ingredients and cooking it all up then how about a macrobiotic sea cruise? With lectures, cookery classes, yoga and meditation to start the day and the company of dynamic and interesting people the first such cruise in March 2004 was a huge success. More details at Taste of Health and here’s my story of one of the cruises.

Since the death of the originator of modern macrobiotics, Georges Ohsawa, in 1966, Michio Kushi has been the guiding light and educational core of the macrobiotic world.  Since Michio’s death the movement has a diffuse leadership that reflects Ohsawa’s comment: ‘we must choose what is good for us.’  Macrobiotics is a tool for understanding what works best, but every individual is different and follows their own course

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